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The Importance of Documentation

In the previous post I describe several forms of documentation and their uses. Hopefully it’s clear that each form is important and serves a distinct purpose. In a typical day, I find myself referencing at least two of these forms. some days I don’t reference any documentation. On days I do, it is most often a function list and forum.

For example, I might start off the day needing to do some complex operation with an object’s rotation in Unity. You can see Unity’s class list with the rest of their scripting documentation. I know an object’s rotation is represented by a quaternion so let’s start there. Now I see that the operation is already implemented as part of the class requiring only one line o code on my part. Later on, when it’s not working the way I expect, I can heard either their forum or Q/A site. Now I can search for other people with the same problem or ask a new question myself. An answer will probably send me back to the class list as a reference.

These are the kinds of connections present between all the forms of documentation. Each one serves a specific purpose and knowing that purpose will help you find information faster.

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