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This is now the third blog I’ve started. The first one was my personal blog with no real focus. Many of the posts in that blog are unrelated to each other. They are mostly random topics I had an opinion about. The second blog was actually started by Slippery Rock University. It was an attempt by the school admissions department to give prospective students a view of the university from a student’s perspective. It focused on student life at SRU with posts mainly about campus activities.

This blog is going to focus on more technical topics, like my programming projects. It is motivated by the lack of interest on my other blog. The technical posts aren’t quite as popular as the others. To start things off I will be discussing some of my school projects which are still relevant. Most are, but some were meant to reinforce topics which had already been learned. While separate assignments are useful in a classroom setting, here they can be combined into one post/discussion.

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