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XKCD Colors

I was working on a post about integrating the TestFlight SDK into Unity, but since it is no more I’ll have to skip that topic.

Instead let me introduce, XKCD Colors as less mixins.

I am an avid reader of the XKCD comics. If you haven’t read it take a minute right now to go read some. It is a staple of internet culture.

Well, a little while ago Randall held a survey about color names. The survey showed a color on screen and asked the user to name it. The names for each hex code were compiled into a list. I converted the list into LESS mixins to make them more useful. You are free to download and us the file yourself.

Some color names contained characters not allowed in CSS. I converted spaces to dash (‘ ‘ to ‘-‘) slashes to double dashes (‘/’ to ‘–‘) and removed apostrophes. I also prefixed each color name with “xkcd-” to prevent conflicts. In total there are 949 colors.

Here’s a sample.

@xkcd-fern-green: #548d44;
@xkcd-bright-lilac: #c95efb;
@xkcd-weird-green: #3ae57f;
@xkcd-peacock-blue: #016795;
@xkcd-avocado-green: #87a922;
@xkcd-faded-orange: #f0944d;
@xkcd-grape-purple: #5d1451;
@xkcd-hot-green: #25ff29;
@xkcd-lime-yellow: #d0fe1d;
@xkcd-mango: #ffa62b;
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